Everett Conference Hall Serving Renton Clients

Is your office not big enough to hold a large conference? Are you looking for a conference hall to hold corporate meetings and corporate events? Do you need a conference hall to have seminars and corporate training sessions?

You or your company can rent our conference hall for corporate events, meetings seminars and more. You can even use our conference hall for fundraising and other types of campaigns. We provide both long term and short term rental options for our conference hall. All you need to do is give us a call to check for availability.

The rental options for our conference hall include:

  • Hourly rental
  • Weekly rental
  • Monthly rental
  • Quarterly rental

Everett Corporate Event Venue Renton

Every office needs a corporate event venue to host big meetings and corporate seminars. A corporate event venue is also essential to hold conferences, corporate retreats, and corporate lunches. You can hire our corporate hall as your company’s go to corporate event venue in the Renton region.

You can use our spacious conference hall as a corporate event venue for gatherings as big as 800 people. For availability, rates and more just give us a call. We can accommodate meetings and events for all types of events.

Why choose our conference hall as a corporate event venue:

  • Large and spacious
  • Easy to locate
  • Seating available for a large number of people

Meeting Space In Everett For Renton Professionals

Are you looking for a meeting space to teach cooking classes? Do you need a large enough meeting space for a yoga class? Are you looking for a spacious meeting space to have a concert? Our conference hall is the most spacious and luxurious meeting space around the Renton area. You can rent our conference hall for all types of events such as fashion shows, art shows, musical shows, and other special events.

Our meeting space can be rented out for:

  • Art classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Dance classes
  • Musical events and more

We can even decorate our conference hall to create the perfect atmosphere for your classes, concerts or corporate events – all that within your budget.

To rent the perfect conference hall for corporate events or classes, get in touch with Royal Banquet and Conference Hall. Call us at (425) 956-4356 to begin your event planning today.