Everett Conference Hall Hosting Bothell Clients

You need the corporate event venue you reserve for your special events to be comfortable and safe for your employees or clients. You also want the meeting space to be welcoming. Finding such a conference hall around the Bothell, WA area is now easy.

Royal Banquet and Conference Hall is the right choice for hosting one-of-a-kind corporate events or that small company meeting. Our conference hall is also perfect for corporate meetings, seminars, and corporate trainings.

You have the option to choose from the following rental time frames:

  • Hourly rental
  • Weekly rental
  • Monthly rental
  • Quarterly rental

We have all the amenities available to conduct just the type of meeting you need. Additionally, the facility is built with soundproofing, surround sound, and perfect lighting. Everything you need for your meeting!

Everett Corporate Event Venue Serving Bothell Clients

We are hugely popular for offering neatly organized corporate event venue around the Bothell area. We do not only offer a great corporate event venue but provide you with great ideas and solution to host a number of different events.
Use our conference hall for:

  • Concerts
  • Cultural events
  • Fashion shows
  • Fundraising events

People choose our corporate event venue because of its easy accessibility and outstanding services. We follow all the rules and regulations of the county and the state that a corporate event venue must adhere to. This gives a sense of security and safety to our clients. They book our meeting space with confidence.

Everett Meeting Space Serving Bothell Guests

We have designed our meeting space in such a way that people are comfortable to use it for different events. Our smaller meeting space is ideal for classes or small meetings. All our amenities are available to you no matter the size of your gathering.

Select our meeting space for:

  • Yoga classes
  • Dance classes
  • An art class
  • Music lessons

Moreover, due to the flexible floor plan, you can adjust the conference hall to fit your needs. No matter the size of the event you want to hold in the Bothell community, we can help you. We do fill quickly though so call to book your space as soon as you know you will need one. To get more information about our venue, the services, and the amenities we offer, give us a call.

Book a well-managed corporate event venue by calling Royal Banquet and Conference Hall at (425) 956-4356. We can accommodate as many as 800 guests for your event.